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Damp Proofing Richmond

At Damp Proofing Specialists we are passionate about helping Richmond maintain its building heritage. Our highly qualified team are specialists in all aspects of damp proofing and waterproofing work and have been supporting the residents of Richmond with their damp and condensation problems for over 20 years. Contact us now on 0800 0193 022 for advice about damp proofing in your home.

Damp Proofing in Richmond

Richmond is well known for being one of the most affluent boroughs in London and for its high number of parks, open spaces and conservation areas. Richmond is an old town with over 1000 listed buildings and much of the residential housing stock is old as well. Despite being a largely affluent area, damp can still cause problems in older properties because many were built without a damp course. If you think your home may be suffering from damp and need a professional opinion then please call us on 0800 0193 022 and speak to one of our team of experts.

Places of interest in Richmond include Hampton Court Palace, Richmond Park, Twickenham Stadium, Kew Gardens, and the remains of Richmond Palace. Richmond’s proximity to the River Thames can make it susceptible to river flooding and surface water flooding. Flooding incidents have taken place in 2007 and 2010 and it is estimated that around 5000 properties could be affected in the event of a major flood.

We have had many years experience of dealing with the problems of flooding and can implement damp course protection to minimise the damage that flooding can cause on your property. If you are in a risk area or need advice about damp proofing and waterproofing your home then contact us on 0800 0193 022 to receive our urgent attention.

Richmond’s population of around 179,000 live in approximately 75,000 households. Of these, 53% are semi-detached or terraced properties, 9% are detached and 36% are flats. In the less affluent areas of Richmond over 30% of the houses fall below the ‘Decent Homes Standard’ and it is estimated that, at any given time, 8 to 10% of properties will be experiencing some type of damp or condensation problem.

Damp Proofing Specialists

Whether you are suffering from damp, condensation or dry rot problems we are here to help you. We can undertake a survey of your property and provide a cost effective solution to your damp problems. Contact us now on 0800 0193 022 and speak to one of our specialist team.