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Bedroom damp caused by poor air circulation

Left untreated, damp can be bad for both your health (the mould and spores can aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma) and the health of your property: If any form of damp is left unchecked it can cause a number of potentially serious issues, including damage to decorated surfaces, or timber decay and even wet rot, which can lead to structural deterioration, and may necessitate major repair costs. More »

Penetrating damp in brickwork can cause major wall instabilities

Whether it’s damp proofing walls to prevent penetrating damp, treating rising damp, or dealing with condensation problems, damp proofing costs needn’t be prohibitive, though selecting the appropriate treatment will depend on the results of the damp survey. More »

Deep wall damp can be almost hidden behind plastering and wall paper

Penetrating damp: Once the source of the water ingress has been identified and repaired, treatments such as silicone water repellents, bitumen coatings, or a waterproof membrane can be applied to guard against future damp problems. More »

Brickwork affected by damp can cause serious problems for your home

Rising damp: Specialist creams are injected into the brickwork to form a waterproof barrier at the base of the wall; this will prevent water rising and penetrating into the building. Once the brickwork has dried out, the interior walls are re-plastered with plaster containing a waterproof additive. More »


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Top Tips for Damp Proofing

Peeling wallpaper with black spot mouldHave you noticed the wall paper peeling off or the paint work flaking off walls at home, or even damp patches on external walls? Not to worry, The Damp Proofing Specialists are here to help with their tell-tales signs for damp and ways to prevent it.

If you do notice a damp issue within your property, it is better to deal with it sooner rather than later, as the issue will only get worse if ignored. Damp can not not only damage the aesthetics of interior decoration within the property but also the structural integrity, leading to much more costly and time-consuming repairs.

There can be various reasons behind a damp problem and it is essential to identify the correct source of the problem, in order to provide a suitable damp treatment for the property. It may be rising damp, penetrating damp or dampness through condensation.

Signs of dampness to look out for

Checking external wall for damp

In the event that you may already have a damp proof course installed yet the property is still suffering from damp issues, it may be due to something preventing the damp proof course from doing its job of keeping the moisture out of the property. To check if you have an existing damp proof course, look out for a line of a damp proof course several inches above ground level on exterior walls. The damp proof course may be physical damp proof course (such as a membrane) or a chemical damp proof course – this can usually be identified by visible drill holes.   If the path, patio or garden is higher than the damp proof course, however there is a possibility the damp proof course will be ineffective.

One other possible source of damp is a weakened structure of the property such as, deteriorated pointing or cracked rendering or even perhaps the brick work. As over time the bricks can become porous, allowing dampness into the property.

Other frequent causes for damp consist of missing or clogged guttering and drainpipes, missing or loose flashing or loose roof tiles. Flat rooftops can likewise result in leaks and damp as they only become waterproof if correctly sealed.

Ways to prevent damp problems on brickwork

To prevent brickwork from becoming porous there are liquid sealants available to apply on to the exterior brickwork and should only be applied when the brick work is dry. This will allow the bricks to remain dry and enable the property to keep in the heat.

There are also liquid seals for internal walls that can prevent damp from entering the property, however these are only effective on walls that are not below ground level and only effective once the initial cause of the damp problem has been dealt with. Before painting liquid seals onto internal walls, the wall must be stripped off from any wallpaper or flaking paint and must be thoroughly cleaned, free from any moulds. Moulds can be removed with a mould eradication kit.

Mould and eradiction kit

To help with the removal of mould in properties The Damp Proofing Specialists can offer a super value mould removal kit to remove mould and prevent mould growth coming back. The kit is available to purchase on-line for £36.95 inc VAT and delivery.

Further Help and Advice

To find out more about mould and damp give our team of damp specialists a call on 0800 0193 022 or complete our general enquiries form online for help and advice and will contact to you as soon as possible.

The Effects of Damp and Mould on Health

Damp is a problem which can affect almost any property, but particularly more aged properties that do not include an adequate damp proofing course or even have inadequate ventilation. Damp can develop when the moisture content in the air is unable to escape from the room, as a result the moisture condenses on cool surfaces such as walls and windows. Over time, this dampness may cause an issue, encouraging the growth of fungi, which can emerge as green and black coloured spots, usually collated in a cluster on the contaminated surface as can be seen in the picture below.

Black spot mould

The health implications of damp and mould

Mould can prove to be a health issue, especially for those in regular exposure to mould and damp. For example – those who have respiratory difficulties, specifically individuals with asthma, might discover that their symptoms worsen while they are around this type of atmosphere. Mould may also trigger problems with skin allergies, encouraging or aggravating existing symptoms.

Mould is certainly a cause of many common health issues, and is especially a concern in Britain due to the climate of frequent damp and cold weather spells. One of the key areas that mould may gather is in areas such as carpet pile, which can then simply be released into the air and simply inhaled again.

The importance of being aware

Awareness of the effects of damp and mould on health is quite low and people should really be conscious of how and why mould can potentially cause health issues, even in people regarded as fit and healthy. The most typical health issues involving mould include sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis.

Properties that have suffered from flooding over the past twelve months are also susceptible to the  development of mould. Given the right environment the mould could develop rapidly throughout the property in only a few months following the flooding. Mould may be found on wallpaper, behind wall tiles and also windowpanes. Radiators also prove to be a hotspot for mould. It is advised that homeowners frequently check for symptoms of mould. If you suspect damp or mould in your property contact a specialist who can conduct a damp proofing survey to identify the cause of the dampness and suggest  the best way of damp proofing system for your property.

Removing mould and damp

Super Value Mould Removal Kit

To help with the removal of mould in properties The Damp Proofing Specialists can offer a super value mould removal kit to remove mould and prevent mould growth coming back. The kit is available to purchase on-line for £36.95 inc VAT and delivery.

Further Help and Advice

To find out more about mould and damp give our team of damp specialists a call on 0800 0193 022 or complete our general enquiries form online for help and advice and will contact to you as soon as possible.


Damp proofing treatments and solutions

Before considering an damp proofing treatment, it is most important that the source of the dampness and the type of damp problem are correctly diagnosed. Is the dampness caused by penetrating damp, rising damp or condensation? If the diagnosis is incorrect than the treatment specified to rectify the problem is also likely to be wrong. This will lead to a continuation of the problem and wasted money in the form of inappropriate damp treatments.

Damp proofing treatments from the professionals

If you have concerns that your property has an issue with damp the best advice is to arrange a survey from a reputable company as the first step in identifying and rectifying the damp problem. Timberwise have qualified and experienced damp surveyors across the UK. Our surveyors are experts in their field and can identify various damp problems and specify the the most appropriate solution to treat the damp issue for you and your property.

Damp on an interior wall

The Timberwise approach to damp proofing

Our trained surveyors will:

– Firstly identify the type of damp problem and the extent of the issue

– Determine the cause of the dampness through locating, repairing and ultimately removing the source of moisture

– Provide a written report proposing the damp proofing solution required to relieve the problem

– Advise on further steps that may be required to make the property damp free

– Leave the property in a clean and safe condition

Damp proofing works carried out by Timberwise also benefit from a long term company guarantee as well as an optional insurance backed guarantee.

For further damp proofing advice

If you suspect that your property may have an issue with damp call Timberwise on 0800 0193 022 for friendly, helpful advice. Alternatively  complete our request a survey form and we will contact you directly to arrange a damp survey. With over 45 years experience in damp proofing we can help banish your damp problem for good!