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Damp Proofing Chatham

If you are in Chatham and are worried about the possibility of damp in your home leading to further complications then call the Damp Proofing Specialists now on 0800 0193 022 to book a survey. Our local team of experts can give professional advice and provide you with the most effective solution for your home. We are experts in damp proofing and waterproofing work and property care and have been helping the residents in Chatham and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We provide services across Kent and the UK and are renowned for our high quality professional work.

Damp Proofing in Chatham

Squeezed between Rochester and Gillingham, Chatham’s reputation means that it is often better known than either town due to its maritime heritage. The famous Chatham Docks are known worldwide and often people who have no idea where the town is will be able to tell you about the importance of the docks.

Chatham is more than just a dockyard but the importance of this sometimes overshadows other aspects of the town. History records a settlement at Chatham from around 880 AD and Chatham is recorded in the Domesday book, but it’s rise came from the construction of Watling Street by the Romans as a route to London which today is known as the A2.

The dockyards grew from around 1568 when Elizabeth I gave the dockyards Royal assent and it grew into a major naval hub due to its proximity to the continent. Nelson’s flagship Victory was famously built here and the dockyards soon became the biggest employer in the area. The need for manpower led to the growth of the  village of Chatham and other nearly villages and soon a network of roads and trams was in place to bring men in to work each day. To this day many of the properties are Victorian terraces which whilst being solidly built can still be prone to damp problems.

We have been helping homes and businesses throughout Chatham, Kent and the surrounding areas for over 20 years and have an unrivalled reputation for the eradication of damp in properties. Whether you are in Chatham, Rochester, or further afield in Strood, Luton, Frindsbury,  Walderslade or Rainham and you are struggling with damp in your property then you should call Damp Proofing Specialists. Our qualified surveyors will be able to assess your property and provide a written report detailing any remedial action that needs to be taken to ensure that the damp problem is eradicated.

To get a professional view about a property you own or are thinking of buying in Chatham call the Damp Proofing Specialists now on 0800 0193 022 to book a survey and determine the most effective solution for your property.

Damp Proofing Specialists

If you live in the Chatham area and are worried about problems with damp in your home, call the Damp Proofing Specialists now to book  a survey on 0800 0193 022. We’ve been helping people in Kent for over 20 years and will be happy to help you ensure your property is properly protected from damp.