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What is involved with a damp survey?

It is highly common for damp issues to go unnoticed for property owners, as in most cases it is only picked up on when the issue worsens or the property is being put on the market. In which case, a damp survey is required on instructions from either the buyer of the property or the mortgage lender.

Timberwise, the Damp Proofing Specialists, can provide clients with damp surveys and a thorough report on the findings within the property, specifying recommendations to amend or alleviate the causes of dampness within the property.

What a Damp Survey consists of…

External Inspection during a damp survey The damp survey will take into consideration external observation such as the chimney stack, the roof, flashing’s and rain water goods. In addition to the orientation of the property, conditions of the external woodwork (windows and door etc.) and the drainage and sub-floor ventilation would also be taken into account.

Once the exterior inspection is carried out the internal inspection is carried out. Inspection of the roof for any defects within the roof coverings will carried out in case of any leaks as well as checking if bats are in residence. Bats are a protected species and are not to be disturbed.

Internal Inspection during a damp survey

Following through to the first and ground level floors of the property, examining the walls, plaster, skirting and timbers for dampness, in addition to floor timbers where accessible. Ordinarily floor timbers are not usually lifted however if they are loose they may be lifted. In order for easy access for the specialists, it is advised that areas that are the subject of concern are made accessible and that, where possible, furniture and carpets are removed ahead of the surveyors visit to the property.

In addition, inspection of timbers on staircases and any kind of visible evidence of timber dampness will also be reported on. External joinery will not usually be inspected. Once internal and external observations are taken, a feedback report will be produced incorporating any general building defects that may also affect internal timbers. If the property has a basement or cellar with access, this also will be inspected.

Why choose the Damp Proofing Specialists?

Is it vital when carrying out a damp on a property that any damp issue is correctly identified to provide a suitable remedial treatments. As a result it is essential that the surveyor carrying out the inspection is experienced and qualified. As Timberwise, the Damp Proofing Specialists, are members of the PCA (Property Care Association), we can provide our clients with the reassurance that our qualified surveyors are some of the most experienced in the property care industry.

Qualified Surveyor Profiling a Wall during a damp survey

Surveyor’s can often mistake condensation and penetrating damp for rising damp, which can result in unnecessary remedial treatments. Therefore, appointing a qualified surveyor may also help save money!

For more information about damp issues within your property give our team of damp specialists a call on 0800 0193 022 or to arrange a survey why not complete our damp survey request form and we will contact you directly to arrange a damp survey.