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Ways to Improve Air Quality through Home Ventilation

There has been recent talk about the effects of outdoor air pollution from numerous European government bodies, which sparked the question here at the Damp Proofing Specialists of what the effects are of air pollution indoors?

The Importance of Home Ventilation

You cannot underestimate the importance of air quality and ventilation within properties, whether it be at work or home  issues with air quality tend to go undetected due to the lack of overall awareness of the situation.

There have been some improvements that have been put in place through certain building regulations by the British Standards for Construction. These regulations enforce certain air quality and ventilation guidelines. Most problems of poor ventilation within older properties are as a result of everyday living and may need more ventilation depending of the cause of the air pollution.

Mould Growth

Toxins Within Properties

In addition to poor ventilated properties causing damp issues there are also concerns surrounding toxic chemicals that are found within most households polluting the air within buildings. Toxins find there way into properties via common things such as cleaning products, smoking indoors, furniture and flooring and even pets.

If properties are not ventilated properly dampness and toxins can build up, this can result in damp issues (such as condensation) and the development of mould on interior wall surfaces. Gradually over time, mould stimulates the growth of the fungi, which is found as green and black coloured spots which will gather in clusters on walls and other soft furnishings. Therefore creating a health hazard for occupants of the property, especially those who suffer with asthma as the damp, mouldy conditions will exaggerate the problem. To help people improve the ventilation in your home and sustain a good quality of air we have compiled our list of the top 7 things you can do to keep the air fresh in your home.

Top Tips For Home Ventilation

  1. Carry out spring cleaning by regularly dusting and vacuuming as well as making sure to be changing or emptying the vacuum filter.
  2. Avoid using toxic products (these can be found in some aerosols) , try natural cleaning products for cleaning around the house.
  3. Toxins may also be found in cheaper furniture containing MDF or chipboard.
  4. Try and open windows when possible and keep a few indoor plants, the power of nature may surprise you! For more advice on which plants to keep look here
  5. Make use of extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms to prevent condensation.
  6. Prevent overheating your home as this can promote growth of mould and circulate stale air.
  7. Last but not the least; prevent any smokers from smoking indoors.

In conclusion, air quality within a home can be easily forgotten and underestimated but by following a few hints and tips you can improve the environment you live in.

Ventilation Systems to Improve Air Quality

Ventilation Solutions

At the Damp Proofing Specialists we offer a range of systems and products to improve ventilation and air quality with your property. With a range of ventilation systems to suit your house, a positive pressure system and a super value mould removal kit to remove and prevent mould growth.





Further Help and Advice

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