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Stopping damp problems

One of the questions we get asked frequently concerning damp is “how can I stop the damp problem returning ?” Stopping damp problems is certainly high on the priority list for many home owners – be it rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation. To help answer this question and to help you prevent damp becoming an issue in the future here are some top tips on how to stop damp becoming an issue.

Top tips on stopping damp problems

To help prevent damp becoming a problem in your property follow these  simple steps:

Maintenance – There is no substitute for good regular maintenance on  property. Checking gutters and down pipes and making sure they are clean and in good order is key to keeping water out of the property.

Keep moisture out! – One of the biggest causes of dampness in properties is condensation. By using vents and fans in bathrooms and kitchens condensation can be kept in check.

Check bath and shower seals – a leaking seal may only seem a minor issue but can cause problems with dampness leading to rot if left unchecked.

Act quickly – if you suspect a damp problem in the property get it checked out sooner rather than later. By leaving it the problem will not disappear it will only become more costly to resolve. Always use a qualified specialist to correctly identify what damp proofing treatments, if any, are required.

Damp appearing on a kitchen wall - advice on stopping damp problems


Putting a stop to damp problems

Sometimes as much as we take precautions against dampness a damp problem can still appear If you have damp we can help. Call 0800 0193 022 or complete our damp survey request form and we will contact you directly to help further.