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Bedroom damp caused by poor air circulation

Left untreated, damp can be bad for both your health (the mould and spores can aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma) and the health of your property: If any form of damp is left unchecked it can cause a number of potentially serious issues, including damage to decorated surfaces, or timber decay and even wet rot, which can lead to structural deterioration, and may necessitate major repair costs. More »

Penetrating damp in brickwork can cause major wall instabilities

Whether it’s damp proofing walls to prevent penetrating damp, treating rising damp, or dealing with condensation problems, damp proofing costs needn’t be prohibitive, though selecting the appropriate treatment will depend on the results of the damp survey. More »

Deep wall damp can be almost hidden behind plastering and wall paper

Penetrating damp: Once the source of the water ingress has been identified and repaired, treatments such as silicone water repellents, bitumen coatings, or a waterproof membrane can be applied to guard against future damp problems. More »

Brickwork affected by damp can cause serious problems for your home

Rising damp: Specialist creams are injected into the brickwork to form a waterproof barrier at the base of the wall; this will prevent water rising and penetrating into the building. Once the brickwork has dried out, the interior walls are re-plastered with plaster containing a waterproof additive. More »


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Rising Damp Infographic – Information Guide

With an increase in rising damp issues within properties, we have put together an easy to understand infographic that looks at some fundamental damp related facts as well as how to identify if you have a damp problem in your property.

For Rising Damp Advice Call The Specialists

To find out more about rising damp give our team of damp specialists a call on 0800 0193 022 for helpful advice or to arrange a survey.

Rising damp FINAL

What is Electro Osmotic Damp proofing?

There are various solutions to a damp problems – dependent of course on what type of damp problem the property is suffering from. In some instances there may be a need to install a new damp proof course – these can take the form of solid or chemical or as we are about to look at electric in the form of electro osmotic damp proofing!

What is electro osmotic damp proofing?

Installing electro osmotic damp proofing

Installing electro osmotic damp proofing

Electro osmotic damp proofing is for those people looking for a more scientific based damp proof course and uses electricity to prevent damp rising up. The electro osmotic system works by introducing a small electric charge in to the wall just above ground level.

This is done through use of titanium cathodes and anodes that are fitted into the brickwork just above ground level, these then draw power from the mains supply.

The effect of the small charge is to repel the rising moisture molecules back down the wall as the water molecules are drawn towards the negative electrodes.

As long as the positive electric charge remains the brickwork will remain free of damp.

How is an electro osmotic system installed?

The system is installed on the outside of the brickwork. Having drilled a series of small, neat holes just above ground level, anodes are inserted which in turn are linked by a connecting wire. This wire is then pointed into the wall resulting in the installation of a damp proof course that is fitted with minimal disruption to the property owner.

Benefits of electro osmotic damp proofing

– Unlike injected damp proof courses it is chemical free

– The system is suitable for properties of all types and ages

– A simple installation with minimum disturbance to the property

– A monitoring system can also be specified giving peace of mind the system is working

– Benefits from a long term guarantee

The system is proven to be very effective in difficult conditions such as stone wall, highly porus brick work and rubble filled walls where injection damp proof courses are not as effective.

To find out more about electro osmotic damp proofing give our team of damp specialists a call on 0800 0193 022.



Stopping damp problems

One of the questions we get asked frequently concerning damp is “how can I stop the damp problem returning ?” Stopping damp problems is certainly high on the priority list for many home owners – be it rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation. To help answer this question and to help you prevent damp becoming an issue in the future here are some top tips on how to stop damp becoming an issue.

Top tips on stopping damp problems

To help prevent damp becoming a problem in your property follow these  simple steps:

Maintenance – There is no substitute for good regular maintenance on  property. Checking gutters and down pipes and making sure they are clean and in good order is key to keeping water out of the property.

Keep moisture out! – One of the biggest causes of dampness in properties is condensation. By using vents and fans in bathrooms and kitchens condensation can be kept in check.

Check bath and shower seals – a leaking seal may only seem a minor issue but can cause problems with dampness leading to rot if left unchecked.

Act quickly – if you suspect a damp problem in the property get it checked out sooner rather than later. By leaving it the problem will not disappear it will only become more costly to resolve. Always use a qualified specialist to correctly identify what damp proofing treatments, if any, are required.

Damp appearing on a kitchen wall - advice on stopping damp problems


Putting a stop to damp problems

Sometimes as much as we take precautions against dampness a damp problem can still appear If you have damp we can help. Call 0800 0193 022 or complete our damp survey request form and we will contact you directly to help further.

Damp proofing treatments and solutions

Before considering an damp proofing treatment, it is most important that the source of the dampness and the type of damp problem are correctly diagnosed. Is the dampness caused by penetrating damp, rising damp or condensation? If the diagnosis is incorrect than the treatment specified to rectify the problem is also likely to be wrong. This will lead to a continuation of the problem and wasted money in the form of inappropriate damp treatments.

Damp proofing treatments from the professionals

If you have concerns that your property has an issue with damp the best advice is to arrange a survey from a reputable company as the first step in identifying and rectifying the damp problem. Timberwise have qualified and experienced damp surveyors across the UK. Our surveyors are experts in their field and can identify various damp problems and specify the the most appropriate solution to treat the damp issue for you and your property.

Damp on an interior wall

The Timberwise approach to damp proofing

Our trained surveyors will:

– Firstly identify the type of damp problem and the extent of the issue

– Determine the cause of the dampness through locating, repairing and ultimately removing the source of moisture

– Provide a written report proposing the damp proofing solution required to relieve the problem

– Advise on further steps that may be required to make the property damp free

– Leave the property in a clean and safe condition

Damp proofing works carried out by Timberwise also benefit from a long term company guarantee as well as an optional insurance backed guarantee.

For further damp proofing advice

If you suspect that your property may have an issue with damp call Timberwise on 0800 0193 022 for friendly, helpful advice. Alternatively  complete our request a survey form and we will contact you directly to arrange a damp survey. With over 45 years experience in damp proofing we can help banish your damp problem for good!